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Welcome to We will be providing you with an easy step by step summary of posts provided by the now FAMOUS "Qanon." Those anons who have been following Qanon will probably not learn anything new here. For those who have just started learning about Qanon will begin a journey into a world they never knew existed! You may be asking who is Qanon? Does Qanon work for the government? Is the information known as "DROPS" dependable? We in the underground community do not know those answers! The intelligence, whether fact or fiction, will have you questioning EVERYTHING you know and read. It's a world which involves the dirtiest of "deep states" not just in America but throughout the world! People whom live every day with their lies and ties in order to remain the puppet masters of the world. The super rich not only want more money, but also to control our lives at every turn.  We will provide interpretations of Qanon posts by those PATRIOTS among us seeking the truth. We will post as fast as we can along with those resources in which  to back up the questions. In no way should these posts be considered factual until proven otherwise. We can only guide you through the dark side. is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY and no direct intelligence is received or implied by us at any time. We will provide you an opportunity to put the pieces together yourself. In the end, it will be up to you to determine what is mostly true or false. There are over 2500 postings by Qanon! is a VERY-TIME CONSUMING project; we are committed in providing you as many answers as is humanly possible. This is an undertaking in which the Mainstream Media will never report. Updates to the site will be done regularly; so please be patient as information is unraveling every day. Please absorb as much information as you can with an open mind no matter how skeptical. We must WARN you! Some of information you will learn is, unfortunately, very disturbing! The truth is hard to swallow at times for all of us. Well, enough talk already! It's now time to travel down this RABBIT HOLE! Thank you again for taking this journey with us! 

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